The Hussar Grill is committed to sustainable business practice through our Eco Pledge sustainability programme. In collaboration with Spur Corporation we are making a concerted effort to ensure our Environmental Sustainability Policy is a living reality in our restaurants.

We are focusing on the triple bottom line – ‘People, Planet and Profit’ as the central message of our policy, with specific attention to Energy Reduction and Saving. With the help and guidance from the Spur Corp. Eco Team, we also participate in Water Conservation, Waste Reduction and Community Projects. Our restaurants are measured on activities through our Green Operational Reports, which provide the Eco Team with data and feedback that supports further research and development in technologies to help reduce our environmental impact.

Ongoing projects and initiatives
Straws are one of the leading causes of pollution in our oceans and have proven to be deadly to both land and sea animals. In an effort to reduce the amount of single-use plastic in our grill rooms, we support the #RefuseTheStraw movement and only serve straws on request. The Hussar Grill has made significant operational changes to reduce water usage during the drought in the Western Cape and various other parts of South Africa. We have replaced cotton napkins with paper napkins to limit the amount of water used for laundry services. Read more on our water-saving efforts here.

Through regular sustainability audits and awareness training undertaken at each of our franchises, we strive to future-proof our business environment by adhering to rigorous sustainability standards.

We look forward to your contribution to our Eco Investment, as we work towards a sustainable future, today.